To My Son’s Teacher on the Last Day of School,

Thank you- for understanding why I didn’t craft an end of the school year gift for you from Pinterest –  complete with a clever pun. I care a lot about what you do, and value what an important role you play in my son’s life.  I have been trying to figure out what you need most as a teacher, and I figured that you don’t need another magnet, picture, or handcrafted object.

You need my gratitude.

Thank you for not being surprised that he was late again… even though it’s the last day, and he was up at 6:30 am to make it to school by the 8 am tardy bell.  Like most mornings, we tried and failed to be on time.  I know that it’s probably the 16th time this quarter. (And if I’m being honest it’s probably closer to the 20 times tardy we average per quarter.)

His swimsuit was missing, and today is the swim party. Even though I thought it would be ready to go in the washing machine, it wasn’t. I forgot to let him know, and I was up too late last night after he went to bed, and I over slept this morning. Thank you for not sending us to truancy court, or rolling your eyes as I struggle to shoulder my responsibilities as a mother to my son.

Thank you for understanding why I didn’t volunteer  as a parent helper in the classroom.  I know that you could have used my help. I honestly didn’t know how helpful I would be, because I forget to be places… a lot … even if it’s on the calendar. And sometimes I question my ability to be patient with kids, even though I have 4, because I forget that they are still learning and need my patience.

Speaking of patience,  thank you for being patient with him.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know his personality and what motivates him, and adapting to what he needed most from you as a teacher.  Thank you.

Thank you  for communicating with me about what you were working on each week, and how I could support that learning at home.  Thank you for understanding that I did read the newsletter, even if it was still in the ziploc bag for days.  Sometimes it just took me awhile to do it.

Thank you -for understanding that I don’t know how to do common core math, because that’s not how I learned it.

Thanks for understanding, that  I have tried to make sure that my son’s homework was done, even if it meant that I couldn’t help him do it.  Even if he forgot to turn it in.  Even if he didn’t do it when he said that he did.  I never complained to him, because you probably don’t like it either.  I know that it’s your job to teach it, and that you do it well.

Speaking of homework, thanks for understanding that my son was reading a lot, and sometimes we forgot to fill out the reading log to document it, or that he did, but I forgot to sign it…. again

Thank you  for recognizing his potential, and helping him discover his talents.

Thank you for reminding me of his talents in our conferences and meetings over this past year.  Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the positive things that my child does as he struggles to grow and change.  Thank you for reminding me that he is special, and for making him feel that way as your student.

Thank you  for being the type of teacher I hoped my son would have this year.

Thank you for being the teacher that when I hear my friends across the country complain about the state of education, or the way that their children have inadequate or incompetent or abusive teachers, that I know that  they aren’t talking about you.

I see how different you are. I see that you care not only about my son’s success in your classroom, but about how to equip him with the confidence and skills he needs to succeed in life.  Thank you for teaching my son this year, so he can look back with fondness, as an adult, and appreciate you as much as I appreciate and recognize you, today.

Thank you for teaching my son this year, and for teaching both of us in the process.





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