Someday, when I look back, I’ll see how much I’ve changed and grown on the inside. Even if no one else notices, I will and that is all that will matter to me.  – Jennifer Goff age 13

I’ve moved my desk/ office/ craft/ genealogy/ sewing space to my bedroom.  I needed more light.  I figured the move would help inspire me to write more with natural light from the windows.  I wasn’t using office as more than a place to contain clutter. I usually ended up at the kitchen bar on my laptop writing. Staring at a sink full of dirty dishes across the kitchen counter from where you are typing, left me feeling guilty.

In the process of my move, I’ve found lots of papers I wrote in school.  I’ve unearthed poetry, letters and  creative writing pieces.  I have revisited 2 boxes of journals. I’ve rediscovered my passion for writing. As I’ve re-read my past, I’ve remembered what it felt like to be compelled to put pen to paper and articulate thoughts swirling in my mind.  I remember the urge to express myself to be heard and understood.

I’ve been thinking about this paper I found all day.  It has been 25 years since I wrote it.  I have changed and grown a lot.  I am also the same, and that surprises me. Though my life is different, and experiences have molded and defined my personality, I’m still Jen.  I am emotional, passionate about my beliefs, and easily excitable.  I look for the good in others. Most importantly, I still love to write.

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