As I’m approaching 39, I have thought about how I can embrace my birthday and reduce the anxiety I feel about aging.

When my grandmother turned 87 in August, I asked her how she felt about it.  “Well, Jennifer, I’m a lot more tired than I used to be.  But, it certainly beats the alternative. ”

I agree.  Being alive can be a wonderful thing. I feel the quality of life we live is equally important to whether or not we are still breathing.

My first DIY furniture project was refinishing this desk.  I wanted it to be a space to do things I love.  I envisioned the 6 foot surface to be a place for me to craft, sew and work on genealogy. I wanted to create.


I painted two quotes around the edges of the desk for visual reminders about how I spend my time. This is my favorite:

Life is to be enjoyed not just endured – Gordon B. Hinkley

I spend a lot of time enduring, the daily tasks and  I don’t make much time for fun. I am often so consumed with routine daily tasks like laundry, that I forget to enjoy the present.  I forget to find the joy.

As I have sifted through piles of papers in my new work space,  it has filled me with conflicting emotions.  I am grateful for my life, but I often wonder about my potential as a human being, and if I am living up to it. I am living, but how can I improve the quality of the life I live?

When you’re towards the middle of life’s journey, it’s hard to see how far you’ve come without recognizing  that you have a long way to travel to become who you want to be.

During the busy holiday season, I have been trying to make time for what I enjoy most.  I am attempting to shift my perspective.  My  goal is for my attitude to be more, “God bless us everyone!” and less “Ba-humbug”.

What’s the point of longevity if you’re unable to see the joy in your life?

Genealogy Jen’s Challenge of the Week I know people who use photographs, jewelry and tattoos.  What visual reminders do you have to inspire you to enjoy life? Comment and let me know.  Bonus Points- Ask a relative about what visual reminders they use to inspire them.


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