I was tired of losing my phone.

With my ADD, it’s a constant problem. I also wanted to track my steps on my smart phone without buying another piece of equipment.

I had been wearing my Starbucks Coffee Master Aprons most of the time around the house due to roomy pockets.  The problem was that every time I went to the grocery store, tourists would excitedly approach me and ask where the Starbucks was in town

There isn’t a Starbucks in my little town.

Then, we would both be disappointed, and I’d have to explain why I was wearing an apron, and that it was intentional.

I wore my apron as a more convenient tool belt to keep my extra screws and nails while doing home improvement projects. I find most tool belts too bulky.

I wanted to see if I could design something that would be fashionable to carry loose screws, and my phone. I didn’t want a fanny pack.

I invented my utility apron while repurposing and deconstructing denim to make a quilt last fall.

I’ve been wearing it most of the time for the last 6 months, and I love it. A lot of people have commented about it being cute, so I thought that I’d show you how to make one of your own.

After losing over 40 lbs,  my other apron was too big, and I was tired of cutting new slits in the band to make it smaller.


For this project, here’s what you’ll need:

1 old pair of jeans that mostly around your waist still. They can be up to 2 sizes too big, but not too small. Don’t go for the pair that you can’t breathe in. It will totally defeat the whole purpose, because it will be uncomfortable, and you don’t want to wear it.

Sturdy scissors  for deconstructing your denim

Self healing mat (optional)

Quilting square (optional)

Rotary cutter (optional)

Embellishments (optional)

I usually have lego bricks, in the pockets and other random items I find on the carpet. Since most of my pants don’t have pockets, it works really well for me. There are details on the photos below.

You can embellish the hem or the pockets. Add patches, puffy paint or embroidery.  I prefer a simple design, and kept mine plain. You could make it double back pockets instead of one back and one front pocket. It will curve weird though. It doesn’t look as intentional with the design to me.

It’s quick and easy to wash if you spill on it or when it gets dirty. You can use your apron for gardening, or wear it when you have pajama pants, yoga pants or other pocket-less pants you are wearing.

I wear my apron even when I am running. It holds my phone really well. Even on bumpy trails, it works fantastic.

Genealogy Jen’s Challenge of the Week-  If a repurposed denim apron doesn’t seem like something you would use or want, make something else. Use your imagination. What can you create with that old pair of jeans?

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