I started thinking about it during our reunion last summer. I love to incorporate ancestors into activities with my children. I hope to help them develop the same passion for family history which I have. I decided to create an ancestor advent calendar to highlight some of our ancestors.

I loved the idea so much, that I designed 3 different advent calendars to use during the holiday season this year.

This first one, is the easy to make version of a DIY ancestor advent calendar. You can make one for yourself, or create one as a DIY holiday gift for a loved one. You can pin it to Pinterest board for “someday.”

I purchased a paper board craft box from Hobby Lobby, and a set of numbered holiday stickers for the drawers. You can paint the drawers or scrapbook the surface, but I went the easy route. I am using the beautiful copper tree I purchased at Roostech last year. You can get one like it here. I’m not an affiliate, but I love their product.

It came with the frames, and there is an application to resize digital versions of family photos for the frames. I plan to have the boys open the drawers each day and hang the ancestor on my side or my husband’s side of the tree. Each drawer will also have a slip of paper with the ancestor’s name, and personal identification number on Family Search, to discover more information about the person and their life. Another option you try would be to create a book or binder featuring stories or facts about the ancestors. to go with the picture.

I am excited to display my family tree during the holidays. (It also ensures that the cute tree I bought is filled with ancestors pictures instead of sitting in a box. like it has been the past few months.)

Genealogy Jen’s Challenge of the Week –  The holiday season is upon us. As a reminder, practice self care, and say no to unnecessary obligations. Sometimes, you have to choose between good, better and best for how to spend your time.I have put my novel for NaNoWriMo on hold. Let’s #FocusOnJoy together as we end this year.

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