This is version 2 of the ancestor advent calendar I made last week. I used pictures from our Kohler family reunion in August.

I resized my photos with the free app on the Tapestree website I used to resize pictures for my copper tree. You can find it HERE.

I modge podged them onto the red and green paper tags I bought at Hobby Lobby. I used candy cane striped cotton string cut about 5 inches long, that I threaded and tied to the tags so they could hang.

I wrote each family member’s name on the back of the ornament to correspond with their picture. We live far away from extended family members. I thought it would be a great way fro my boys to connect with cousins and other far away family.

Around the picture on the front, I added Our Family is and a word to describe my relative. It reinforces the message I shared this past summer at the reunion,. You can read about it HERE.

I stashed all 25 of the family member ornaments in a cute galvanized mini bucket. The boys will pick a person from the bucket to hang on the display I created. Originally, I had a wooded tree I painted with red craft paint, and hot glued mini clothes pins to.

It looked like a hot mess when it was finished, so I regrouped.

I repurposed a wooden drawer I had left over from removing a built in desk from the boys’ room. I detached the hardware, and sanded the edges of the drawer to distress it more.

I love the distressed look because I have 4 boys, and things get battered. It blends in with the rest of our home. Plus, it reminds me that it doesn’t need to look perfect.

I used brown paper twine and staple gunned it zig-zagging across the front of the drawer after I set it on its end. I added a couple of scrap booking embellishments I found at the trift store. I may use the display to hang earrings on after Christmas.

You could adapt this DIY idea for ancestors by featuring their photos with a fun fact. You could also use it as a countdown for a family reunion.

I have been busy cooking, cleaning, creating Christmas gifts and crafts, and spending time with my Mom. It snowed for the first time today, and I feel joy. I have overwhelming gratitude for the numerous blessings in my life. Tomorrow, when  I make a new page for my Thanksgiving scrapbook, I have more to be thankful for than can possibly fit on the page.

PS I am even looking forward to Christmas this year.

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