This is the third version of an ancestor advent calendar I made this year for Christmas. I saved it for last, because it is my favorite version.

I updated my DIY Ancestor Card Game, Goff Fish, last month when a reader let me know that the online template I used was no longer available.

I used Canva design software to create a new version of the cards. I have the paid version of the software

I built a 4×6 design, and used my signature Repurposed Genealogy brand aqua color. I even used the same fonts I use on my blog.

I printed my cards on my home printer and used my home laminator after trimming the excess edges around the cards.

Another option is to print the ancestor photo cards commercially at a nearby store that prints photos. (Depending on your printer ink cost, this may be a much less expensive option for you.)

That way, they withstand sticky hands of my boys.

I used my wood burning tool to number wooden clothes pins one through twenty five.

You could paint them colors, use washi tape, or burn ancestor names or surnames on them.

Be creative.

I repurposed a high quality wire edged red ribbon I cut to length to display the advent. It’s worth investing in quality. I have reused this ribbon for Christmas gift wrapping for the past 9 years. It was totally worth the $7.89 per spool I paid for it at Costco a decade ago.

To store the cards, I repurposed a burlap sack from packaging I had saved to reuse.

The ribbon, cards and clothes pins can all be stored in the bag as well. It doesn’t take up a lot of space.

These ancestor cards are another great reason to scan your family photos. It is an inexpensive DIY holiday gift, a way to show case your heritage, and to share your passion for family history in a way that will engage younger generations.

If you missed them, you can see my other versions of ancestor advent calendars by clicking here or here or directly on the photos below.


Genealogy Jen’s Challenge of the Week – When I am feeling overwhelmed, I like to make stuff. Creating a physical object is a way for me to relax my mind and to have something tangible as a result of my efforts. I also love gifts.

Comment and tell me, What’s the best gift you ever received? Why?

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