It’s been a long time. I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t been writing. I have been dealing with adversity physically and emotionally.

I started to have vision issues.

Over the course of the summer, it progressed and worsened. I have not been able to do most of the things I love.
Here’s a Facebook post I wrote about it recently. (You can click on it to read more)

In addition to the to the vision issues, I recently went back to work full time.

I have been a 50% owner of our Xbox One gaming business, PLAYlive Nation in McCall for the past five years we have been open, but not performed the day to day operations since March of 2014.

My professional background is in retail store management for Starbucks Coffee Company. I also have years of retail management and customer service. I’m good at my job, but it’s been an adjustment.

I quit after my triplets were born ten years ago, and have primarily been a full time stay at home parent.

Working outside my home full time, has been challenging for me. I have found it difficult to balance my other responsibilities as a wife, mother, and Director of the Family History Center in McCall, Idaho.

I miss you as my readers. I miss your encouragement and connection. Those who write, I miss reading about your experiences and lives on your blogs.

I also miss writing, and hope after vision therapy next year, I’ll be able to return to it. It’s really expensive, not covered by my insurance, will take about five months, and requires a two hour drive each way down to Boise.

We’re still working out the logistics.

It’s challenging as a creative person to not have very many outlets right now.

My binocular vision issues, have affected my ability to run as well. Exercise had  been a healthy way for me to cope with stress in the past. I miss it.

I’m also dealing with other  personal issues over the past several months. I’m not ready to write about those yet.

Weekly talk therapy with my counselor and medication are helping me combat the deep depression I experienced for several months.

I’m starting to feel more like myself and more optimistic most days, but I still have a lot more work to do to get to where I need to be.

Please, keep me in your thoughts. And if you pray, I could use that too.

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