It was really a tough decision you guys. I wish that there was some sort of extra discount code I could give you, or that I had enough money to give you all a few dollars towards your ticket cost.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me.

Here are a couple of my favorite responses to Why I want to attend RootsTech

Several of you are working on becoming professional genealogists like Megan. She said – I am working in my Family History degree at BYU-I, this would be great to help me along as making genealogy a career!

Many of you have had a life long passion for genealogy like Deborah.

Deborah said According to my daughter, now that I am firmly entrenched in my 60s, I can live my best life. (She read an article about that!) To that end, I have been stepping up my efforts to share what I have learned about genealogy. One of the many lessons I have learned from the generous Thomas MacEntee. Winning a pass to Rootstech would allow this retired teacher to continue gaining skills and knowledge which I can then turn around and share through my blog posts and classes I teach in our local area.

Three of you related RootsTech to Disneyland. I’ve got to agree with you there. It is one of the happiest places on earth to me. Plus, having a birthday there is amazing, Camille. I turned 40 at RootsTech 2017.

Elizabeth wanted to connect with her Finnish roots. I don’t have any though. She probably would have enjoyed the class I went to by mistake last year.

Only one person could win though, and I chose Dante Eubanks.

Dante is a Navy Veteran, full-time pastor at the New Covenant Christian Worship Center, and father to 9 children ages 5 to 23. He’s been working on his genealogy since he was assigned a family tree project by an English teacher in 1987.  Dante wrote:

Jen, I have wanted to attend RootsTech since 2014. But unfortunately, it is a huge cost both time wise and financial wise, so I give up the dream every year. To attend would allow me to collaborate more, learn more, and become more exposed as I share how migration-patterns mapping helped me to break down huge brick walls in my family research.  I have read article after article and been blessed by the many testimonials expressing joy and an overwhelming feeling of belonging to something greater …I truly feel like the right time is now! Thank you for opening this up to be a blessing to others!

I am looking forward to meeting Dante in person, and hopefully several more of you at RootsTech 2019.

There are still a couple of my fellow RootsTech Ambassadors who are giving away passes. Good luck! You can check  out their contests and other genealogy conference items on my friend Tami’s website Conference Keeper.

Thank you!

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