Genealogy Jen’s RootsTech 2019 free pass giveaway rules

Genealogy Jen’s RootsTech 2019 free pass give away rules

Contest begins Tuesday, October 16, 2018 and will end Monday, November 5, 2018, 7 pm Mountain Standard Time.

Winner will be notified via method of entry by Wednesday, November 7, 12 pm Mountain Standard time.

Winner must respond within 48 hours, or I (Genealogy Jen) reserve the right to give the pass to someone else.

Family members of Genealogy Jen Campbell are not eligible to win. (I love them, but that would seem super shady.)

Odds of winning depend on number of people who enter, and whether or not your reason to attend inspires me. You only need to enter once. (Seriously, it won’t improve your odds, and will probably just annoy me.)

If you are tired of reading the rules on this page, you can click here, to go back to the page where you can enter the contest. You might miss something important though… just saying.

Winner is responsible for all travel expenses to and from Salt Lake City, lodging, meal expenses, and incidentals. If I could make it rain and give you some cash to offset those costs, I totally would.

Son number 3 is getting braces in less than a month though, and I’m still trying to figure out how we’re going to pay for that. True Story.

The pass is non-transferable.

People who have already won a RootsTech 2019  pass through another RootsTech Ambassador, or other method, are ineligible to win.

I reserve the right to revoke the pass if I found out your reason to attend was a lie. Seriously, don’t be shady, and make up some lie you think I want to hear.

By entering, Repurposed Genealogy and Genealogy Jen reserve the right to use your name, image or likeness and reason to attend on this blog, and social media channels. Mostly, because I want to brag about you being a winner. Winning feels amazing, right?

If your reason for attending is something you would prefer not to be shared publicly, let me know. It will be our secret.

PS If you don’t win, it doesn’t mean your reason to attend isn’t important, or worthy of a free pass, or that I hate your guts, and like someone better than you. Don’t be salty. I only have 1 pass, and it’s probably going to be hard enough to choose.

I’ve written enough words. My eye doctor wants me to limit my computer time, and I have a headache.  Let me know if I forgot some important detail, and I’ll fix it. Thanks!

Shout out to all of you who read this whole page. If I could give you a piece of the Halloween candy I’ve been eating all day, I totally would.

You can get back to the contest entry page if you click here.

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