Thank You U are Amazing

Thank you, vintage cheerleaders

Thank you!

These are the cheerleaders I see in my head when ever I need encouragement.

I hear them telling me “U are amazing!”

I’m pretending that they’re cheering for you now, because you just subscribed to my blog Repurposed Genealogy.

And in case no one has told you today, you are amazing.

While you’re here, I thought I would share three of my favorite things I’ve written on my blog that might help you with genealogy. Click on any of the titles to take you directly to that blog post.

Mending Broken Branches in your Family Tree


Our Family Is…Framing your Family Story


How to Become a Better Genealogist


You can also pretend like you never read this, and go back to what ever else you were doing before being captivated by my writing. Unless it’s dishes. If it’s dishes, I advise you to read more.

Your dishes can wait.

Trust me. Mine wait all the time.

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