I want to shock you.

19 and fully aware of the impact my body has on yours.

Moonlight more than enough to distinguish

The curve of my breasts as I elevate my shirt.

My lips part in a in a smirk,

Daring your motionless hands -explore my body.

Mounting your lap

My back to you


Feeling your damp breath on my neck,

Your arousal emboldens me.

Power to deny you what you want.

Your hands move, and attempt to bridle me.

I avoid contact,

Your control

“I want to swim.”

You’re motionless on the park bench

As I canter barefoot across the lawn,

Towards the dock

Giggling as I disrobe completely,

And arc into the water

Abandoning you to puzzle out

The rules to the game

you didn’t know we were playing.

pleasure driving

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