Developing Resiliency During Crisis

We don’t choose the trials that are part of our collective human existence. We can choose how we deal with them.

The case for keeping your gifted child in Public School

I’ve read a lot about it. There is a mass exodus of gifted children from public education. It troubles me as a parent with gifted children in public

My Intuition’s 5 Signs of Impending Doom

Like most people, the first half of my 20’s were filled with so many bad decisions that I lost count. At over 40, I’ve realized there are 5 signs of impending doom my intuition gives me to prevent potentially horrible decisions. 1. I feel pressured/ anxious about an...

Longing for Belonging

To everyone who feels like a misfit, Maybe, it's because you see other people's eyes glaze over whenever you try to share something that you're passionate about. Maybe, it's because every time you attend a social event, it reminds you of the pit you felt in your...

I’m a white girl, but all my role models are black women

My role models are courageous women throughout history I’ve read about in books. They are artists, entrepreneurs, friends, and women who have influenced my genealogy research skills.

I’m a white girl, but all my role models are black women.

Be ye therefore perfect

I don’t know when the first time was that I heard that scripture in a talk or lesson in church as a child, but I remember how it made me feel. I felt discouraged and inadequate. I wanted to

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