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If you’ve hit a genealogical brick wall, aren’t sure where to look next, or just have a random genealogy question, contact me via email and this form.

I specialize in digital research, have moments of brilliant insight, and may be able to help. If not, I’ll be honest, and point you towards another geneablogger who may solve your mystery.  Don’t let my casual prose fool you. I know a lot.

Contact me via this form if you have anything else you want to share with me that you don’t want published in the public comments.

Use my contact form if you want to tell me your secrets, or to tell me how rad you think that I am.

If you would like to inquire about me being a presenter at your next genealogical event, or as a motivational speaker, use this form.

You can also give me a shout out via Twitter @GenealogyJen.

My 20th fear was public speaking, but I’m not afraid of doing it any more, and I’m actually quite good at it. True story.


Genealogy Jen

PS If you want to try to sell me something, don’t bother using this form.

I don’t have the money to buy whatever you want me to. Please see fear number 7

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