Make Stuff

Repurposed Family Tree

Repurpose a picture frame to hightlight your ancestors

Share an Ancestor Immigration Story with Lego

Kids love Lego bricks. Use them to teach about your heritage.

Thanksgiving Scrapbook

Create a tradition of gratitude.

Repuposed Family Tree Wind chime

Use old washers, found objects and creativity to make a family tree wind chime

Wooden Afirmation Blocks

Our family is… the words we use to discribe our family

Repair a Dresser with Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Sometimes projects require adapation. How I fixed the dresser I should have said no to.

Repuposed Writer's Journal

Learn how to repurposed an old book to create a journal

Repurposed Denim No Sew Apron

Repurposed an old pair of jeans to make this utility apron.

Vanilla Bean Bath Salts

This soothing bath soak is a great way to treat your self or to share as a gift

Refinished Desk

Whether it’s a piece of refinished furniture or another obect, visual reminders can reinforce what we value most.

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