I love Cesar salad.  We used to garden a lot when we lived in Washington state and Massachusetts. Since moving to the mountains, I’ve attempted and failed enough to realize that I’ll just need to wait until we have a greenhouse someday. Freezing temperatures, deer, and bugs have left me feeling frustrated  a lot.

If you grow your own lettuce this summer, or want a quick and easy summer meal, a Cesar salad is one of my favorite summer meals.

My mom created this recipe for salad dressing that I love, and have modified slightly.

During the summer, we usually eat more salad. I especially love to add grilled chicken breast or salmon  to my salad.

Whisk the ingredients together in a container. (I like to use my glass liquid measuring cup, because it saves on dishes, and you know by now that I don’t like to clean.)

Rinse and pat dry a head of romaine lettuce.

Wrap it in paper towels and put back in the fridge for about 30 minutes to chill and crisp it back up.

Stack and Slice the lettuce diagonally to make it visually appealing like a restaurant. Contrary to popular belief, it won’t brown the edges of the lettuce.

I put about 1 or 2 cups of croutons in the bowl with the lettuce. You can make your own or buy some.

Add 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese or Romano cheese.

Toss with dressing and serve immediately. Make sure if you plan on kissing someone later they eat some too. That way, no one needs to worry about garlic breath.

Genealogy Jen’s Challenge of the Week- Do something kind for your body. Choose to eat something healthier today. Maybe you don’t love kale or celery as much as peanut butter M& Ms. (I don’t either.) I have more energy, and am more kind to myself mentally when I am making healthier eating choices.

Bonus Points-  For reading this article I contributed to about being a healthy genealogist.

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