I had an amazing birthday week. I enjoyed spending time with my genealogy peeps at the world’s largest genealogy conference RootsTech.  I loved it.

The best part for me, was the connections that I made with people. I love to write, and have always felt awkward about shooting videos or live streaming. One of my goals is to do more this year to feel comfortable on camera.

I had the opportunity to do that during RootsTech last week. I was asked to be a guest panelist on a YouTube show I have mentioned in the past, BlackProGen Live.

Since most of my readers have never met me in real life, I thought you might appreciate watching me on video, hearing my voice, and a little bit about Rootstech.

Other amazing things this week? WordPress was in the convention hall, and I was able to thank Cheri Lucas Rowlands in person for selecting my piece I am 39, I weigh 149 lbs as an editor’s pick on WordPress Discover last year.

Unfortunately, I was too nervous and overwhelmed to meet her in person to snap a picture with her. However, I was able to snap pictures with some other amazing friends and people I admire.

I met, and totally bonded with my DNA cousin Sandra. We are related through my great great grandparents who immigrated from Eastern Europe. We are still trying to figure out who our mystery common ancestor is, but after several DNA classes each, we are getting closer.

I was able to connect with my mentor Peggy. She encouraged me last year to pursue public speaking. I admire her integrity and her skill as an orator and teacher.







I also met Bernice Bennett. She is even more delightful in real life than she is on her blog talk radio program. I learned that she has an identical twin sister. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when Bernice told me she has a child a decade older than I am. I need to drink from her fountain of youth.





I also met my cousin Ruby. She lives in Utah and drove to meet me at the Salt Palace where the convention was held. We share a common ancestor Joseph Butler Atkinson. I was able to buy a copy of the amazing family history book she created about him and the Atkinson line. It was fantastic to meet another family member so passionate about family history research. I appreciate the time, energy and research it took to create such a beautiful book.









I met so many people I follow on social media or their blogs. I wish that I had taken more pictures, but I enjoyed the time I spent immensely.

I’ve already marked my calendar for RootsTech conference next year, and hope you will join me February 28 – March 3, 2018.

I had an incredible 40th birthday, and wore my friend’s tiara to celebrate being birthday queen for the day. Knowing I turned 40 at a conference with the median age being much older was an added bonus. It’s great to hear repeatedly how young you are on a milestone birthday.

The past week, I have been pondering on my focus for the future, with my blog, career, with my genealogy research, my roles as a mother a wife, and with my church responsibilities.

A birthday is a wonderful time to reevaluate priorities. I look forward to sharing my vision for my future with you over the next few weeks as I journey into my fourth decade. Thank you for reading and sharing my words.

Genealogy Jen’s Challenge of the Week – How do you connect with others in a world that’s so busy and full of distraction?

Genealogy Jen Fearless and 40


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