I have been thinking about it a lot over the past month.

Thinking about the way that our lives are interconnected. How our experiences touch and shape the lives of each other, and I have hope. I have hope in the decency of humanity, even when most of the images and impressions I have seen lately are of the ways that we hurt each other.

A friend posted pictures of his family Disneyland trip to his social media account, and a stranger used the N word to describe his 7 year old bi-racial son.


A passenger being physically assaulted and removed from an airplane.

As an empath, it causes me physical pain when I see and read about the way that humans hurt each other. Initially, I cry, and can feel overwhelmed.  It can be easy to let the despair about the state of our world swallow me in depression, but

I have hope.

I have hope, because I also see the good. I have to search harder for it, but it is there. I see what you are doing to make a difference and help others.

I see you immediately defending a child and renouncing racism.

I see you organizing relief workers, protesting, and raising money to protect the innocent.

I have hope, because I hear you saying, “This is wrong. Oh My God! Look at what you did to him!”

I have hope in humanity, because you are no longer silent, and you are taking action.

When You’re Searching for Hope

I know that change doesn’t come quietly.

It comes through raising our collective voices, and insisting that the way things are must change, because we are all connected. Societal evolution comes through recognizing that what you do as an individual, the choices you make, and injustices you work to correct make a collective difference in the quality of all life. It’s what we experience together.

I have hope, because I choose to #FocusOnJoy Click To Tweet

I have hope, because I am choosing to focus on the good that you are doing.

I know that one person can make a difference, and you are doing that. It might not be featured on a news segment, or publicly acknowledged. Negative news sells, but what you do brings me hope.

I see you organizing a free fishing day, in the mountains of Idaho, for 53 African refugee children.

I see you visit 3rd world countries to help the poor and needy.

I see you welcome an adoptee as family new found family because you share DNA .

I have hope, because I choose to focus on joy.

Genealogy Jen’s Challenge of the Week- Have I done any good in the world today? What have you done to help another person in need today? Start small. Call a friend. Reach out and recognize someone who is working to focus on joy.

What good have you seen in the world today? Comment and let me know.

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