I look like my great-grandma Glennie.

Glennie Jane Ross 1945

Glennie Jane Ross 1945

I have her nose, and same round cheeks. Enjoying pictures of my ancestors, helps me realize that they are more than names and dates.  Maybe you don’t have pictures of great grandparents or grandparents. Pictures of them may exist… waiting to be discovered. Here are some digital resources that may help you, or a friend discover their past.

EBAY– While I was shopping for snow boots for my  boys,  last winter,  I decided to perform a search using my maiden surname, Goff. I was surprised to see photos, books and art featuring people that aren’t directly related, but share my last name. How can this help you? Maybe a distant relative marked the back of a photo with your last name instead of just “Aunt Irene”. If you are looking for a less common surname, this can be a valuable tool. I also have a search set to alert me of any new items that may be posted on Ebay with my maiden name.

Helpful Hints-

  • Sort the category as collectibles- (Unless your relative invented something cool, you’ll end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need)
  • If the surname you are looking for is common….filter your search by type (photographs, time periods etc.)
  • Try a less common last name from your tree
  • Search by place
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